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We Can Do It…

 …We Have Toilet Jax

The fastest growing segment in the DIY market is the single mom and these DIYers and independent women plumbers love TOILET JAX because properly installing a heavy toilet is now easy , fast and manageable. To buy click on image.

Almost all toilet leaks can be traced back to an improperly installed toilet that damaged the wax ring !!!    How does this happen?


Imagine driving your car. You can not see both rear view mirrors at the same time.

If you continually look back and forth your driving becomes guess work.

You will have a accident.

Likewise, lowering a toilet not seeing both bolts at the same time is also guess work. The photo below shows that you can NOT see both bolts while holding the toilet. The image on the left shows that the toilet has to be perfectly aligned over the flange and the toilet bolts, then lowered straight down. You can easily misalign the toilet and the accident you will have is crushing the wax ring and not knowing it. This will cause a leak that could cost thousands of dollars in water damage.

Besides that you could hurt your back trying to hold the heavy toilet in the air over the toilet flange while you look for both toilet bolts. It takes time to align the toilet with the bolts you can’t see and the longer you hold the toilet the heavier it feels. Thousands of plumbers hurt their backs on the job resulting in time loss and expensive medical claims.








       Let TOILET JAX hold the toilet for you as the toilet is easily lowered into place.


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Plumbers should use TOILET  JAX because it can eliminate “the callbacks” from toilet leaks because the toilet is properly installed. Plumbers get the call when a water stain appears on the ceiling from a upstairs bath.  This is most likely from wax ring that is crushed from a improperly installed toilet.

It also turns a heavy 1 piece toilet installation from a 2 man job to 1 saving labor costs.

TOILET JAX are very inexpensive and reuseable for future installations . It helps make a easy, fast and perfectly aligned toilet installation every time.












Place toilet onto the Toilet Jax that are placed up against the flange. Slide the patent pending Bolt Guides through toilet holes and screw them onto the bolts to guide the toilet down.

Manipulating the uniquely shaped patent pending TOILET JAX one at a time lowers the toilet perfectly onto the toilet flange and wax ring. Your back will thank you.