Toilet Flange Tile Guide

The Toilet Flange Tile Guide is an award winning new product.

Awarded No. 1 new product  of 2016 from the

plumbing and mechanicaL

Plumbing and Mechanical trade magazine



Awarded No. 10 new product of 2016 from the




The Guide seals the area around the toilet flange protecting your subfloor from water damage and BLACK MOLD( click). It makes it easier to tile and has a debris barrier to keep your sewer clear of construction debris. The Toilet Flange Tile Guide uses“BLACK MOLD ON HOLD” technology.





In America if you pulled every toilet the area around the flange would have gaps between the flange and the tile and probably some dangerous BLACK MOLD.  That is because there is no Federal ANSI (American National Standards Institute) standard for tiling up to and sealing the area around and under the toilet flange.


novpromn2When the wax ring fails, when you mop the floor, when the tub over flows, when the sewer backs up, where does that water go?   EVERYWHERE!!!  Even under the toilet into these gaps between the flange and the tile rotting your floor. This will allow dangerous MOLD to grow.

In America there are over 5 million bathroom remodels done each year, a high percentage of these are required because of water damage to the floor under the toilet.


The patented TOILET FLANGE TILE GUIDE and The new WATERTIGHT TOILET FLANGE when used together fixes these problems.

You or your plumbing contractor should use mold resistant silicone adhesive cementing the Guide to the floor around the flange making a mechanical bond between the Guide, the toilet flange and the floor during the rough plumbing stage of construction. This seals the floor around the flange preventing mold from growing on your sub floor. The Guide also will make it easier for you or the professional to tile up to the guide/flange requiring only straight tile cuts.

Consider having the plumber install The new Watertight Toilet Flange and the Guide together sealing the floor because he is the pro you call when you see a water leak  from a toilet, sewer back up, bathroom flood, not the tile contractor and the plumber can help eliminate the risk of future water damage and MOLD by installing the Guide during the rough plumbing stage so that it is already there waiting for the tile installer.

Complete installation directions for the PLUMBER, DIYer and Tile Installer can be found by following the link at the bottom of the page. Please read before installing the Toilet Flange Tile Guide.


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All standard toilet flanges are 7″ in diameter, they help connect the toilet

to the sewer line. Without proper installation and sealing the surrounding wood floor can rot and dangerous MOLD will grow.


An example of a toilet flange

An example of a toilet flange

Snapshot 1 (4-17-2014 7-29 AM)

Snapshot 2 (4-17-2014 7-27 AM)







To get tiles close to the round flange, nipping or grinding tiles  was necessary. This is a difficult

and potentially dangerous process and requires expensive specialty tools. No matter how good

you are there will always be gaps left by the flange.

The Tile Guide eliminates the need to grind or nip tiles.








Toilets can leak, showers over flow, sewers back up, you use water to mop the floor around the toilet , houses shift as they settle and the wax ring could have been damaged during  installation so there are many ways the floor under your toilet can become damaged.  The installed Tile Guide seals the area around the flange protecting it from future water damage.



To save time during the install many installers choose to butt

tiles up to the flange leaving  huges spaces. Remember there

is no Federal guideline on sealing the area around the

flange.   This is a disaster waiting to happen.








       This is what the flange area should look like.

The new WATERTIGHT Toilet Flange is being used for maximum protection.The area is completely sealed and the guide, the flange and the floor are adhered together making a mechanical bond.

The Tile Guide is not meant to be used with vinyl floors.


Please watch our instruction video



  • No more nipping or grinding tiles
  • For installing bathroom tile around the toilet drain flange
  • Provides straight edges for tile cutting instead of rough tile nipping for fitting round flange
  • For 1/4 in. to 3/8 in. tile and stackable for thicker tile installations, size is 8″ x 8″ x .25″
  • Label card works as debris and odor shield during completion of bathroom installation
  • Made of durable recycled polypropylene
  • Helps protect the sub-floor around the flange from future water damage and Black Mold
  • Removeable “dog ears” for some toilet footprints

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