Bracket BB270

This bracket can be used to hold a horizontal shelf or a vertical spacer from a shelf to the one above. This bracket is designed to accept shelving up to 16 inches deep. If you are making a traditional bookcase you can assemble the project on the floor and stand it up when complete.  Please refer to “Barracuda Brackets desktop bookcase/TV stand instruction video”.

The other way to use the bracket can be seen in the instructional video where the wall system is made onto a wall one. The proper use would look like the top image pictured at right, where the horizontal shelf is sandwiched between the vertical pieces above and below.

The holes on the bracket are for Barracuda Bracket self drilling screws. All holes need to be used to properly support the shelving system.

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If you are in need of wood for shelving visit your local home centers or hardware store that sells shelving. You will find what you need for any project in many colors, lengths and widths. If you need additional help, they will cut your shelving to length for your custom projects.