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Welcome to Barracuda Bracket Modular Furniture System

Barracuda BracketsTM Modular Furniture System provides you with a bracket system for the 21st century! The hardest part of building anything with wood is making proper joints where pieces of wood come together. Barracuda Brackets eliminate that problem. They are made to match all the angles needed in any shelving system. Slide shelving into the brackets and screw them together. No sawing is needed. They are clear so they will blend in with any shelving color you prefer. You can easily design and assemble any modular furniture shelving system. Barracuda Brackets provides you with the space age engineering using our 21st century technology!. You don’t need a saw, only a screw gun.

  • Custom shelving systems or furniture cubes
  • Countless storage solutions that you customize to your space
  • TV stands for the home or a custom library
  • Bookcases for the office or a work bench in the garage
  • Free standing desk top TV stands for college dorms
  • Free standing or attach to a wall
  • Use only a screw gun to assemble
  • Uses 5/8 ” pre-cut shelving sold in home centers and hardware stores
  • pre-drill holes using a 3/32 drill bit using the holes in the brackets as a guide
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barracuda bracket samples

BARRACUDA BRACKETS Modular Furniture System is a series of different brackets that are made for specific wood joints needed for designing and building any shelving project. The only step needed is to slide pre-cut shelving boards into these brackets and screw them together. You use 5/8 inch wide shelving sold in hardware supply houses that are pre-finished in many colors or use natural wood. If you want a entertainment center or a floor to ceiling custom library, you will see that you can only buy mass produced styles and sizes or you can hire a master carpenter. With only a screw gun and your imagination any wall or combination of walls can have any entertainment center or library wall you want.


The wall system pictured was assembled in 4 hours. Notice the design goes around the window. A carpenter would charge thousands of dollars and take several days to complete this type of project. This custom 12 foot floor to ceiling storage units total cost of material which included 41 Barracuda Brackets and 100 feet of shelving and was under $400. It took only 4 hours to assemble. 3/4 inch self drilling screws were used without pre-drilling holes into the 5/8 ” white pine natural wood shelving.

Spend a few minutes with us and you will see just how easy to use the BARRACUDA BRACKET DIY Modular Furniture shelving system is. We have videos that will show you how to build a shelf system. BARRACUDA BRACKETS are clear and are made in the USA

Barracuda Brackets:


  • 5/8 inch wide shelving needed
  • only a screw gun needed
  • simple and easy steps to making your own library or entertainment center
  • are made of a space age polymer and are rated stronger than the shelving sold in hardware stores and home centers

If you are in need of wood for shelving visit your local home centers or hardware store that sells shelving. You will find what you need for any project in many colors, lengths and widths. If you need additional help, they will cut your shelving to length for your custom projects.