COVID19:  CNN reported that Covid19 was spread by bathroom sewage pipe leaks, including the connection under the toilet.

MEDICAL GRADE TOILET FLANGE designation protects the public from exposure to infectious contagions surpasing the minimum standards set by IAPMO for toilet flanges by meeting the watertight floor drain requirement IAPMO code 318.1 and 411.1.

If your Toilet Flange does not meet 318.1 and 411.1 it’s not Medical Grade


It’s very simple, an open hole in the floor under any toilet is NOT sanitary. No engineer or plumber can justify leaving an open hole under any toilet. Why would a plumber choose to leave  an open hole in the floor under your toilet? The question will answer itself. The plumber will tell you this technology is not necessary, and by the time you find out the toilet is leaking it’s too late with expensive property damage and sewage contagions in the home. Who do you call when there is a leak? The same plumber who is now going to profit from the bad advice he gave you.
One out of every  seven toilets in America is either leaking or has had a leak. That means there is raw sewage under 50 million toilets. There is no need for an open hole in the floor under your toilet, no more toilet leaks, no more disease laden sewage saturated sub floors, deadly mold exposure and cockroach ingress.
Timothy J. Wood, inventor and founder of Barracuda Brackets LLC,  created the MEDICAL GRADE Under the Toilet Floor Sealing Technology. Barracuda is stopping the spread of disease and property damage. Old technology is responsible for hundreds of millions of dollars in property damage over the years and millions of people are getting sick and not connecting it to the common toilet that looks clean but is leaking. In the last 10 years one out every seven toilets has had a leak. Every metal toilet flange (350 Million) in America ‘WILL leak sewage someday’ and needs to be replaced with this State of the Art floor sealing technology before more people get hurt from mold exposure. Toilet leaks are common and can feed deadly mold. This mold releases spores into the bathroom that you inhale.
Plumbing Engineers should specify this product by name for new construction.
If there is someone in the home that has been exposed to a toilet leak, has seen a dark mold spot on the ceiling from the bathroom above, and has Fibromyalgia symptoms a medical examination is needed. Many Medical Doctors now believe that Fibromyalgia is actually mold exposure. Mold exposure from toilet leaks is now preventable and exposure to mold can be deadly. The home toilet or the public toilet in schools, restaurants or where you work may look clean but you do not know the history around that toilet and you can not see what you are breathing in. Click on this paragraph to go to a supporting link.

For about the price of a movie ticket this technology:

1. prevents exposure to Micro-Organisms from toilet leaks 100%

2. prevents disease laden bug ingress 100%

3. prevents mold growth in the sub floor and all areas below the toilet flange 100%

4. seals the hole in the floor needed for the sewer pipe 100%

5. eliminates the risk of breathing mold spores emanating from under the toilet flange 100%

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The Romans public Toilets

The Romans public Toilets

The open hole in the floor for the sewer connection is still used today.

The open hole in the floor for the sewer connection is still used today.

George Washington's out house

George Washington’s out house

From the time of the Romans the open hole for the sewer was used, outhouses, even nice ones still had the open hole. Today even though we all put nice pieces of china over it, there is an open hole below. Problem is simple, where does the disease laden sewage go when there is a problem? Right into your home, and you thought we had advanced past the days of outhouse technology.

Bathroom floors get wet all the time, shower over spray, mini-floods from washing the dog and so on. The toilet base does not stop the flow of water that is pooling from seeping under the toilet. Now consider the house shifting from expansion from the hot to cold seasons and it’s understandable how the wax seal is compromised on the rusting metal flange. All of this means the metal open slot toilet flange that does not seal the floor, that is rusting, eventually can allow disease laden sewage, that feeds deadly mold, to find its way into your home. The old technology also lets disease laden bugs through its open slots into your home. The toilet make look clean but you cannot see what you are breathing.

Any toilet that has ever been exposed to wax ring degradation, improper installation, over flow, sewer back up, mopped floors, shower over spray creating puddles on the bath floor, toilet condensation, or even cockroaches can have deadly disease growing under it and all areas below it. 

Raw sewage and Cockroaches contain many contagious diseases that can effect you or your family. Up till now people have not made the connection that what is leaking under the toilet may be making them sick. The EPA will close a beach when there is a sewage leak. These contagions can be found in sewage.



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PLUMBING and MECHANICAL TRADE MAGAZINE  number 1 new product of 2016

Plumbing Engineer’s that are members of ASPE (AMERICAN SOCIETY OF PLUMBING ENGINEERS) use the below website for reference, to find out about plumbing code issues and to educate the industry.

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The award winning sealed bottom MEDICAL GRADE TOILET FLANGE © is adhered to the floor sealing the hole in the floor needed for the sewer pipe solving a sanitation problem every bathroom has had since the use of outhouses.  Adhering the flange to the floor makes a mechanical bond between the flange the floor and the sewer system. This flange is the strongest, longest lasting toilet flange available allowing the cleaning of the floor under the toilet without the fear of water or sewage getting into the sub floor. The PVC or ABS material will not rust and break down over time like metal toilet flanges and will keep disease laden bugs like cockroaches from using the flange as a point of ingress into the home .

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      Using old technology that allows mold to saturate the areas under toilets, damages property and lives is a choice and using it could be the cause of preventable respiratory illnesses that you or a loved one may warrant legal representation.

 Mold lawyer logo.Looks like you have a nicely engineered product there.  I hope it becomes the industry standard.

Matthew Militzok

Disease laden cockroaches have used the hole in the floor needed for the sewer pipe as a pathway into your home. The video on the left illustrates this. The video on the right is a side by side comparison showing that the Watertight Toilet Flange can seal the hole in the floor and cockroaches can no longer use the outside of the sewer pipe for the toilet as a pathway into your bathroom.

The MEDICAL GRADE TOILET FLANGE © is IAPMO 411.1 and 318.1 compliant meaning that it seals the hole in the floor watertight  like a floor drain. This flange helps protects you and the sub floor from exposure to all communicable or contagious diseases the user of the toilet had. Toilet leaks are common. All bodily fluids and materials entering a toilet can seep into areas outside the sewer pipe allowing these contagions and black mold to grow in your floor, ceilings and walls.



For new construction: Bring sewer pipe end to 1/4 ” within finish floor height. Adhere to finished floor (tile or Other) and cement to pipe at he same time. The hole in the floor is sealed, there can be no more property damage and bugs can not get in. In case of flood remove toilet clean the area and re-install the toilet. Using any other flange is like buying a car with no seat belts. To buy one click on image.


For new construction: Bring sewer pipe end to 1/4 ” within finish floor height. Adhere to finished floor (tile or Other) and cement to pipe at he same time. The hole in the floor is sealed, there can be no more property damage and bugs can not get in. In case of flood remove toilet clean the area and re-install the toilet. Using any other flan ge is like buying a car with no seat belts. To buy one click on image.

BB2021 Barracuda Moisture Detection Swabs

test swab 9

    A            “Use your head, if the test strip turns red”

B                                                                                   C                                                 D                                                          E

test swabs 2

test swabs 3test swabs 4

IMG_0955 (1)

Could you have a toilet leak that is just started with dripping sewage that you cannot see but is gradually saturating the area under the toilet with raw sewage?  By the time you see sagging in the floor from the weakened flooring around a toilet or a dark stain on the ceiling from the upstairs bathroom, the damage is severe with a huge health risk.  Sewage can be damaging the building material under your toilet right now, this sewage can support disease laden mold growth that you cannot see but will emit dangerous spores?

There is a simple test. Barracuda Moisture Detection Swabs (A) made with Colbalt Chloride can help you identify if you have moisture under your toilet easily. You can do this yourself and do not need a professional.

There are two bolts that secure the toilet to the floor (B)and each bolt has a nut and washer . Simply remove one of the nuts and washer temporarily (C). The bolt hole in the toilet base is large enough to allow the Barracuda Moisture Detection Swabs to be inserted like putting a key into a lock along the side of the bolt stem. The bolt is not removed or affected and the washer and nut can be screwed back on.  Hold the Swab by the stem, stick the test strip into the hole as deep as you can and wiggle the swab around (D). If there is moisture under your toilet the swab will show a positive reaction (E). If so, contact a professional for repairs including Barracuda’s Under The Toilet Floor Sealing  Technology.

If you discover that you have a toilet leak with someone in the home having unexplainable fibromyalgia type symptoms contact your health professional and then consider contacting a lawyer.




For remodeling your bath. Works with 3 or 4″ PVC or ABS pipe for solvent weld but also can work with 4″ cast iron, lead, copper, PVC and/or ABS with “push-in” application. No other flange can be both solvent weld and “push-in” .


            MEDICAL GRADE TOILET DRAIN ©    BB2020

MEDICAL GRADE Metal Shield Toilet Drain

The Medical Grade Toilet Flange is mounted on a large sturdy aluminum plate that requires the unit to be mounted directly on the finished floor. It is used in new construction with  3 and 4 inch pipe size solvent weld capabilities as well as a “Push-In” option for any 4 inch DWV pipes including lead, cast iron, copper. It can save thousands of dollars in costly sub floor renovation when the hole in the floor is to big to support the flange or when there is not enough material from a previous toilet leak that left damage in the sub floor to support the new flange. This product lets the floor support the flange.

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    BB2013 Toilet Flange Tile Guide

Adhere to floor around any toilet flange sealing the area from any future water         damage. This changes tile area so that only straight cuts are needed, no more           nipping or grinding tile to fit.


                                BB2015  Toilet Jax

Toilet Jax is a re-usable toilet lowering system that makes it easy to properly install any toilet. Most toilet leaks stem from an improper installation. To buy click on image.

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